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Fun Ford Weekend features Triathlon on the Road Course & Drag Strip

Monday, July 21, 2014

From Ford-powered and Ford-bodied bracket racers looking to earn some “cred” on the Drag Strip to Blue Oval restoration experts showing off their finished masterpiece or searching for that hard-to-find part at the Swap Meet, Fun Ford Weekend at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Florida has something for everyone. One of the many highlights for Ford fans during the weekend will be the Ford Triathlon on the Road Course and Drag Strip at PBIR.

Here are the complete details on the Triathlon for racers who will be participating in the event:

Triathlon - September 13, 2014

1) Speed/Brake Challenge - back straight of the Road Course

2) Autocross - 7/10 mile, back end of Road Course

3) Drag Strip - three 1/4 mile passes 

We will recognize 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers. The overall Mustang Triathlon Champion will be the driver/car combination with the best average finishing position at the conclusion of all three events.

Open to all Mustang and Fast Ford owners and will feature these different classes: stock, modified, prepared and exhibition. Vehicles must be Ford powered or Ford bodied. The cars will be placed into their respective categories during tech inspection at the event.

Event day: registration starts at 8 am at PBIR on September 13, 2014. Participants must arrive at 8 am and proceed to the staging area near the Road Course's Tower. Late arrivals will not be scored. Triathlon starts at 10 am. 

Speed/Brake Challenge (10 am – 11 am)
From a standing start, competitors will leave the starting line, accelerating 1,000 feet to the finish line and a 20-ft deep “stop box,” defined by orange traffic cones. All four of the vehicle’s tires must cross the finish line, placing the vehicle inside the stop box. Knocking stop box cones over or moving them out of the marked boxes around their bases will result in a DQ for that run. Competitors with the quickest time wins. Each competitor will be allowed three timed runs that must be completed within the time given for each group and in numerical order. 

Autocross (11 am – 3  pm)
Each competitor will get three runs on the autocross course. Cars knocking down or hitting the orange course cones will incur a 2-second-per-cone penalty that will be added onto their overall time. Cars going off course or not completing the entire course will receive no time for that run. Each competitor’s fastest run will be used to determine finishing position. Each competitor will be allowed three timed runs that must be completed within the time given for each group and in numerical order. The autocross will be held on a section of Palm Beach International Raceway’s road course. 

Drag Race (2 pm or time as allocated)
In a format similar to True Street drag racing, two at a time, competitors will make three, back-to-back-to-back, quarter-mile passes on the drag strip. Lowest ET (elapsed time) within each class wins. A Sportsman tree will be used and a red light start not matter. Each competitor will be allowed three timed runs that must be completed within the time given for each group and in numerical run order. 

General Triathlon Rules:

- Safety is our number one priority!

- Drivers MUST attend the driver’s meeting (Saturday, 9:30 AM, road course pit road)

- No Passengers allowed during competition

- The same driver is required to drive all three events

- The vehicle must run the same tires in all three events. (air pressure adjustments allowed)

- Drivers MUST wear an approved helmet during all three events (M-, DOT and SA- rated helmets allowed).

- Drivers MUST wear long pants and closed-toe shoes during each event (driver’s suits, shoes, gloves encouraged)

- Any driver exhibiting behavior (in the car or out of the car) that is deemed not within the “spirit of the event” may be disqualified from the event at the decision of at least two Event Staff members

- Event Staff has the final say in vehicle classifications/participant disqualification 

Vehicle Classifications
Participants will be placed into one of the following categories, based upon the modifications that have been made to the Mustang/Ford vehicle:

As manufactured by Ford. OE replacement grade parts can be installed (tires, springs, shocks/struts, etc.) Vehicle MUST have wheels of a size (diameter and width) that would have been available on THAT model and year of vehicle. NO R-compound or “competition-only” tires allowed. ZR-rated tires allowed. ONLY factory power adders allowed. (2003-04 SVT Cobra, 2007-current GT500, Roush RS3, etc.). Car must be street legal, licensed and insured. Non-stock equipment allowed: Aftermarket roll bar or harness bar allowed. Aftermarket seatbelts/harnesses allowed. Aftermarket brake pads/shoes allowed.

Mustangs equipped with aftermarket suspension components, wheels and tires. Stock and R-compound, DOT-approved tires allowed. No “competition-only” or racing slicks allowed. Car must be street licensed, insured and have a majority of its interior intact. Roll bars/cages allowed. Aftermarket seatbelts/harnesses allowed. Aftermarket brake pads/shoes allowed. Aftermarket engine power adders allowed.

Mustangs built specifically built for autocross, road race or drag race competition. Open to all Ford engine, suspension, brake, wheel/tire modifications. Tires: R-compound, “competition-only” and racing slicks allowed. Roll cages, roll bars and aftermarket harnesses allowed.

Open to any Mustang, Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle purely for exhibition. Times will be kept, but no results will be rewarded. Vehicles MUST go through Tech/Safety Inspection prior to running. 

Triathlon Overall Finishing Order:
1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be determined in each of the three classes (stock, modified, prepared)

The winning car will be the one with the highest average finishing position (place) from all three events (autocross, speed braking and drag race).

Driver 1) Autocross: 2nd, Speed Brake: 2nd, Drag Race: 1st, Average: 1.66 aver finish
Driver 2) Autocross: 3rd, Speed Brake: 3st, Drag Race: 4th, Average: 3.66 aver finish
Driver 3) Autocross: 1st, Speed Brake: 1st, Drag Race: 2nd, Average: 1.33 aver finish

Results would be:
Driver 3) 1st place – Gold Medal
Driver 1) 2nd place – Silver Medal
Driver 2) 3rd place – Bronze Medal

1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers will be awarded in each class (stock, modified and prepared).

Tie Breaker:
In the event of a tie, the competitors’ three event times (autocross, speed brake & drag race) will be added together for a total time. The lowest total time will be the winner of the tie.



Please note: Friday, September 12, 2014 features Test & Tune on the Drag Strip only. Complete event programming, including the Triathlon and Pro Show, occurs on Saturday, September 13, 2014 only.







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