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Hooked On Driving

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Friday Night Under the Lights!



Time for a Night Event!


7 on track sessions per Run Group.


Track goes Hot at 2pm and ending at 10pm


Catered dinner for the Drivers and available to purchase by guests and crew. Please RSVP for any additional dinners. Cold water will be provided throughout the event.



Click Here to Register!





Gates open at 2 pm


Check-in from 2:15pm to 3:15pm


Mandatory Drivers Meeting @ 3:15 pm


Track goes HOT at 4 pm starting with the Advanced "C" Group



Have you ever thought about Driving YOUR CAR on a racetrack?


Hooked On Driving provides drivers of high performance cars & sport cars the opportunity to enjoy their vehicle on the road course in conjunction with focused instruction.


Spend the day increasing your driving ability and enjoy driving your car fast.




Lunch is included for registered drivers and will be served in the PBIR Chalet. If you are planning on bringing a guest, please shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and see us at registration to purchase a lunch ticket. Tickets are $15.00.


Helmet Rentals are available @ $20.00




To participate as a new driver, participants need a helmet (available rentals), and an inspection to be sure the car is roadworthy. Beginners are given a thorough briefing and are introduced to their coach before they drive their car on the track. 


The initial "A Group" for beginning HPDE drivers, teaches smoothness, awareness, and driving a proper, safe and efficient line on track. A priority is also placed on learning basic car control skills such as late braking, proper shifting and understanding the concept of the apex of a turn. While A group has significant passing restrictions to maintain a conservative pace, the B - Intermediate, C - Advanced, and D - Race-prepped groups have progressively more flexible passing rules and advanced level coaching. 


There is NEVER any competition — wheel to wheel or timed laps — in our programs. Hooked on Driving HPDE Programs are safe experiences for all, an enjoyable time for every driver — and to assure that our drivers come away with much more confidence in handling their car in an emergency situation.




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