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Performance Driving Clinic - Bertil Roos Racing School

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Bring your own car to the track and take your driving to the next level.


Beginners and advanced drivers are both welcome and will be separated into two groups based on their experience levels.


The school provides comprehensive, professional instruction for entry-level drivers and extensive track time and coaching for experienced drivers.


Novice students spend their day going between on track and classroom sessions. In the classroom, students are taught the fundamentals of performance driving and the basics of the racing line. From there, the students are sent on track with a professional Bertil Roos instructor in the passenger seat to provide turn-by-turn instruction. Students in this group will get two hours of on-track time and will receive on track training in the Bertil Roos streetcars.



Solo drivers are given a total of three hours of on-track driving time. In addition to driving time, drivers are given a review of the basic driving line in our Bertil Roos streetcars. Professional Bertil Roos instructors are also available by request for driver feedback and critique.



Call 1-800-722-3669 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your spot!



Goals of the School
1. Provide cost-effective performance driving education
2. Provide maximum track time, the “essence of learning”
3. Limited enrollment for optimal track space.
4. Low-cost access to some of the best driving instructors in the United States.
5. A fun and safe way to access the world of road course performance driving.
6. Introduce road racing to a larger and broader cross-section of people than ever before.


*long pants, close-toed shoes required
*we provide helmets for the event



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