Event Schedule

Florida Track Days

Please note that Florida Track Days will be charging a $5 admission fee to all spectators, family, crew and team members for the September 21, 2014 event day. Racers who have not pre-registered will also be charged $5 at the gate, but will receive a $5 credit off their $215 registration fee at the Chalet upon registration and payment.

Tony West - Operator/Founder



Florida Track days (FTD) was created to give motorcycle riders a place to ride their bike in a fashion in which they were designed to do. FTD provides a safe, controlled environment at the Road Course at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) with instructors who are current or former racers with years of track experience. FTD does this through classroom instruction and riding groups catered to individual rider ability.


With increasing development in Florida and the traffic that accompanies it, motorcyclists are facing a growing risk when taking their bikes on the street. FTD's goal is to give motorcycle riders a place to take their street and race bikes with minimal modifications and have a great time on the track. The track days are open to riders of all skills levels, providing FREE instruction on and off the track in a classroom setting. FTD track days are structured upon rider ability in groups: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. The number of riders in each group are low in order to keep the track day experiences as fun as possible. Please refer to the FTD website or contact Tony directly with any questions you may have.