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Cosmo Tires Autocross Track

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Small Circuit, Maximum Adrenaline!

Get ready to autocross, on our 8/10th of a mile course, complete with 9 turns, chicanes, a quick straightaway, and anything else our track designers can think of. Our track is constantly changing shape with our track designers changing approach angles and turns to keep even our best drivers guessing! For years, we've been welcoming drivers looking to compete against fellow drivers in groups divided by engine size for the best time, and for bragging rights. Now that Cosmo Tires is our sponsor, we even have cash prizes, every race! Don't have a high-horsepower sports car? No problem! In autocross, precision and skill beats muscle any day! 

Do you have what it takes to take on our autocross track? Join Cosmo Tires and us for the next autocross league night, and get your competitive juices flowing! 


2021 Autocross League Championship Information

Autocross League Round 1 Results

Autocross League Round 1 Points 

Cosmo Tires Kool Kats Series Points


2021 Cosmo Tires Autocross League Schedule

ROUND 1 – Friday, January 8th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 2 – Friday, February 26th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 3 – Friday, March 12th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 4 – Friday, March 26th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 5 – Friday, April 9th, 7PM-11PM
ROUND 6 – Friday, May 14th, 7PM-11PM
 ROUND 7 – Friday, May 28th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 8 – Friday, June 11th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 9 – Friday, June 25th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 10 – Friday, July 9th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 11 – Friday, July 23rd, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 12 – Friday, August 13th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 13 – Friday, August 27th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 14 – Friday, September 10th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 15 – Friday, October 8th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 16 – Friday, October 22nd, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 17 – Friday, November 12th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 18 – Friday, November 26th, 7PM-11PM 
ROUND 19– Saturday, December 11th, 9AM-1PM



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