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IHRA Rules for Racers

PLEASE NOTE:  Beginning November 1, 2014
For all cars that run 10.99 or faster in the 1/4 mile, 7.10 or faster in the 1/8 mile, it will be mandatory to have either a diaper or an approved belly pan to race at PBIR's Drag Strip, in order to maintain track and racer safety. Thanks for your cooperation.


These are only guidelines for quick references and are in no way intended to supersede or replace the IHRA General or E.T. requirements. Click here for the IHRA Rule Book.

All racers must abide by IHRA and Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) rules. It is not our responsibility to teach everyone the rules, but it is our duty to make sure every racer follows them.

Only the DRIVER named on the Tech Card may race a vehicle down the Drag Strip. If you are caught racing on the drag strip without a Tech Card and a Driver Armband you and the registered racer of the vehicle will be BANNED FROM THE TRACK FOR LIFE. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Tech Cards must be filled out by the driver only, using a blue or black ballpoint pen (no pencils, markers or crayons).  Use your full legal name (no nicknames). No Exceptions! Tech Cards must be signed in the presence of a PBIR Tech Inspector so he/she may witness your signature. You will need to show your valid state driver’s license to verify your signature.

Extended Tech Inspection (ATI) is for Brackets and Test & Tune. We are offering extended tech for both the Saturday night Races as well as Test & Tune. Once the ATI sticker is on your car, you no longer have to wait in the tech lines!  When you come to the gates buy your Tech Card and put your ATI number on it. The driver must bring the Tech Card to a Tech Inspector to be witnessed and signed.  Because of variation in classes, these stickers are NOT valid at IHRA class events.

ATI stickers will be good for 1 year from date of issue unless there is a piece of equipment that expires before then.  For example, if a sticker is issued in January, but the safety belts expire in June, the sticker will only be valid until June.  If the expired piece of equipment is replaced and checked by a tech inspector, a new sticker will be issued that will be valid through the following January.  It is the racers’ responsibility to notify the tech inspector of any changes to their vehicle since their ATI sticker was issued. 

Participants at IHRA national events and member track events are expected at all times to conduct themselves in a professional and non-disruptive manner. Any participant who, in the sole and absolute judgment of IHRA, 1) verbally or physically threatens another participant or other person, 2) uses vulgar or derogatory language, 3) engages in unsportsmanlike conduct or conduct detrimental to the sport of racing, or 4) otherwise creates a condition or circumstance that is unsafe, unfair or out of order will have violated the rules and regulations of IHRA.

To ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of IHRA, IHRA reserves the right to take action against any participant for failure to comply with any decision, rule or regulation of IHRA, including but not limited to, failure to comply with IHRA procedures for resolving conflicts and grievances. The action taken by IHRA may range from permanent suspension from IHRA/IHRA Jr. Drag Racing League events and/or IHRA member track events to admonishment. The intermediate action can range from temporary suspension to fines.

•    All cars must have sealed overflow canister
•    Long pants must be worn and full T-shirt. No tank tops.
•    No passengers in any car.
•    All cars 9.99 or quicker in 1/4 mile must have engine diaper plus an IHRA or IHRA license (engine diaper does not need to be certified).
•    All Sport Compact cars 11.99 or quicker must have engine diaper

•    Valid state issued driver’s license. If less than 18 years of age, child must have minor waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
•    Seat belts
•    Hub Caps and trim rings removed
•    No cracks in windshield
•    Good Tires
•    13.99 or quicker must have Snell 2005 and above helmet
•    Convertibles & T-top drivers must wear a Snell 2005 and above helmet
•    Operating taillights (no blinking or flashing lights)
•    All holes in floor, firewall, and rear must be plugged
•    Drive shaft loop required 13.99 or quicker
•    Drag Slicks and Radial tires must have metal valve stems.  Rubber valve stems ok for street tires only.
•    New rule – Air shifters are allowed

•    Chain guard
•    Ignition cut off switch – pull out type mandatory
•    High top shoes or boots (Leather)
•    Leather jacket and gloves
•    Front & Rear fender
•    Snell 2005 and above helmet
•    Clear face shield
•    Valid competition license for 9.99 or quicker
•    All bikes must have snap-back throttle
•    Fuel shut-off mandatory
•    Full leathers zipped at the waist mandatory 120mph or faster
•    Delay boxes OK
•    Pressurized containers (i.e. air bottles) must be D.O.T. approved and properly mounted



Beginning November 1, 2014
For all cars that run 10.99 or faster in the 1/4 mile, 7.10 or faster in the 1/8 mile, it will be mandatory to have either a diaper or an approved belly pan to race at PBIR's Drag Strip, in order to maintain track and racer safety. Thanks for your cooperation.



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