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Precision Highway Driving School - Bertil Roos Racing School

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2 Day Precision Highway Driving School


A program designed with both new and experienced drivers alike, the Bertil Roos Precision Highway Driving School offers students with the skills necessary to stay safe and aware while on today’s busy roads. Students are instructed through a combination of classroom teaching and practical application in a safe and controlled environment.



In the classroom, students will learn the basic physics of a streetcar, ocular driving techniques, and both basic and advanced defensive driving methods.



Students apply their knowledge in our Bertil Roos street cars where they will practice avoidance maneuvers and breaking both with and without ABS. Students will then be placed behind the wheel of our patented Bertil Roos Slidecars to practice basic car control techniques at low speeds.



Students must then compete in a series of challenges to test their new-found skills and crown a champion. First, students race against the clock to complete a slalom course in our patented Bertil Roos Slidecars. Then, students must brake towards a traffic cone from 30 mph to zero all while their vision is obstructed. These contests will test students’ proficiency with basic ocular and defensive driving techniques in a safe and fun environment.



The event concludes with students learning the basics of performance driving on a real race track.


Call 1-800-722-3669 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your spot!


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