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Driving Schools & Track Days

Get off the highway and onto the race track with personal instruction from our in-house driving professionals. Defined by years of professional race experience, our pros will keep you ahead of the curve by providing driving tips and tricks to actual on-track training. Our programs cover a wide range of driving topics and will be sure to enhance any individual's driving skills, whether you are a beginner or have been driving for years. 

Resident Driving School


Bertil Roos Racing School
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The renowned Bertil Roos Racing School has been training students in the art of racing since 1975. Graduates of the school can be found at every level of racing, from the hobbyist up to the top levels of professional racing. The experienced staff of racing instructors has developed a multitude of programs for drivers seeking SCCA, NASA and vintage licenses. Shorter programs, such as the half day and one-day adventures, are also available where drivers may sample the world of formula car driving at a relatively inexpensive rate. In addition to its training programs, Bertil Roos will also host the Roos F-2000 Series, a formula based “arrive and drive” series entering its 43rd season, making it one of the longest-running in the country. 

Home of Hooked On Driving Southeast Region


Hooked On Driving
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Hooked On Driving is a leading provider of performance driving programs, commonly known as an high-performance driving experience (HPDE), or high-performance driving school (HPDS). We give drivers of high-performance cars and sports cars the opportunity to drive their cars on a race track. Hooked on Driving HPDE Programs are safe experiences for all, an enjoyable time for every driver — and to assure that our drivers come away with much more confidence in handling their car in an emergency situation. Hooked On Driving customers frequently are heard saying that they've had, "The time of their lives!".  

Driving School
Lucas Oil School of Racing

561.200.RACE (7223)

Lucas Oil School of Racing is a Florida based company and our philosophy is to make people better drivers by achieving their goals. Whether the goal is to be a better, safer street driver or to win the Indianapolis 500. Our company officers and staff have years of experience in the motorsports industry. That experience, combined with our race proven instructors, time proven curriculum and professional crew and state of the art equipment will allow us to accomplish your goal. Our methodology is precision. Being precise with everything you do with the car leads to consistency. Consistency leads to fast laps and winning races.

SCCA Track Night in America - Automobile Track Day

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It doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie or a true track master, Track Night has a way for you to play. Not sure which one is right for you? Ask, Jack. He'll tell you what's the facts. Never been to the track? Every Track Night has a paced lap session, open to anyone and everyone who has signed a waiver. Passengers over 12 are encouraged and helmets are not required. The Koni Novice Experience is for those who are new to the track. Paced laps, drivers' meetings and targeted instruction will give you a great introduction and room to enjoy your drive. The Intermediate Group is for drivers who know the basics and have focus on improving and learning. The Advanced group has a higher pace and is for those who know the track, car, and themselves and want to feel the limits of each. Falken FastPass is the fastest way to get on the track for Intermediate and Advanced Group drivers- sign up, complete the online drivers' meeting, get a wristband, pass tech and the next step is the track. Run/Work operates like SCCA autocross and members get one on track session at a budget-friendly rate while offering support- from corner working, to the grid, to check in and tech. If you're still not sure what the best option is for you, ask, Jack!

Florida Track Days - Motorcycle Track Day

Tony West - Operator/Founder

Florida Trackdays was created to give motorcycle riders a place a ride their bike in a fashion in which they were designed to do. We provide a safe controlled environment at world Class facilities such as Homestead Miami Speedway and Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) with instructors who are current or former racers with years of track experience. We do this thru classroom instruction and riding groups catered to individual rider ability.

With increasing development in Florida and the traffic that accompanies it, motorcyclists are facing a growing risk when taking their bikes on the street. My goal is to give motorcycle riders a place to take their street and race bikes with minimal modifications and have a great time on the track. Our track days are open to riders of all skills levels. We provide FREE instruction on and off the track with our classroom setting. Our track days are structured upon rider ability. We do this by breaking up into groups: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. We purposely keep the number of riders in each group low in order to keep the track day experiences as fun as possible. Please refer to our Track Day Forum or please contact Tony directly with any questions you may have. 





Street Car Track Day
Adam Ricardel
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Have you ever wanted to drive your own car on a real race track? Here's your opportunity to track your own vehicle at Palm Beach International Raceway. Test your skill and the abilities of your vehicle on our 2-mile, 11-turn road course. It's just $150 per entry. Crew member entry is $15.

This event is restricted to street legal vehicles that are registered and insured to operate on public roads. Proof of registration and insurance will be required. No race cars are allowed. Vehicles must pass tech inspection on the day of the event. Entrants will be divided into three run groups based on each driver's level of track day experience.

A Snell rated helmet (SA2010, SA2015 or SA2020) is required. NO MOTORCYCLE OR DOT RATED HELMETS WILL BE ALLOWED. If you show up with one, you will be required to rent one from us. Drivers must be at least 18 years old or older and possess a valid state issued driver's license. No passengers or ride-a-longs during this event. Drivers must wear long pants and no open-toed shoes are allowed. If your restraint system is a 5 point, racing type harness, a HANS device or other head and neck restraint MUST be used, NO EXCEPTIONS

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